8 Video Games That Redefined The Horror Genre

The most innovative, inventive and scare-tastic games to grace our screens.

Madmind Studios

Everyone loves a scary game once in a while - especially played at night with the lights off and the curtains closed. Or played alone for those who are feeling particularly brave.

While all horror games were created scary, some were created more scary than others. Whether it's horrific graphics or a sense of impending doom, they all aim to scare in their own unique ways. Otherwise they wouldn't be scary anymore, right?

Some games have done scary so well that they've spawned as many sequels as the devil has minions, but others have just quietly done their scary thing and gone relatively unnoticed in the scary world. Some games utilise the player's imagination to really get inside your head, whereas others go out of their way to be so grotesque you'll want to throw up.

While how scary a player finds a game is purely subjective, and can depend on a myriad of factors from personal experiences to a love of zombies, here are some games that are undeniably terrifying.

Let's get going shall we? Unless you're too scared to read on...

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