8 Video Games That Resolved Important Movie Plot Threads

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If there’s one thing that can truly twist the coil of any hardcore film fan, it’s when a movie concludes without tying up a glaring plot hole or thread.

It can eat away at you like a worm inside your brain as you question "why that character did that", or "What happened to that thing that was in the place over there?"

"What was even the point of X if Y never went anywhere?!"

Much like in life, there are some questions we’ll never get the answers to, and we simply have to learn to live with an air of “What if?”, hanging over us like the ever-swaying Sword of Damocles. Yet, what if I were to tell you that some of these massive movie moments that were missing in action, have actually been filled in through another medium?

I’m talking of course, about video games, as the titles on this list have, for better or worse, attempted to patch over those plot holes that we’ve been digging inside our brains.

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