8 Video Games That Will Make You Hate EVERYONE

5. Superman 64

League Of Legends

Oh Superman, how could they do this to you?

Quite possibly one of the most disappointing video games ever made, Superman 64 landed on Nintendo's big grey bastard with a thud thanks to it's abysmal controls, utterly offensive visuals and the small fact that IT WAS SO BROKEN THAT THE GAME BARELY WORKED AT THE BEST OF TIMES.

From the infamous ring sections, to the unfair timers that gave you but a few seconds to figure out what the hell was going on, from start to finish Superman 64 was a punishing experience. An experience made all the worse when you realise how many copies of this were sold in the year of its release, with a huge spike occurring around Christmas. Therefore you may have had the "pleasure" of receiving this as a gift, meaning that you not only likely hate the developers for this utter trash heap, but quite possibly your parents for buying it for you in the first place.

The gift that keeps on taking. Brill.

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