8 Video Games That Won't Let You Quit!

7. You Have Been Summoned - Dark Souls II

Psychonauts 2

When you're looking at a title as punishing as Dark Souls II, quitting might seem like a very reasonable response. After all there are only so many times you can be invaded, ganked, cry, retry and get smashed to pieces by the local wildlife, and for some, the PVP element on top of the regular enemies might just be a little too much.

Now in the original Dark Souls title, even if another player had invaded your world, you still had access to the quit game function in the menus, yet in Dark Souls 2? Well, my friend, you're flat out of luck.

Here the function was removed entirely, and while it would be possible to force the game to quit through other means, it was a clear move from the developers that you needed to, what's the term again? Oh yes "Git Gud".

To be honest, you'd not really want to quit out in this fashion either, as it turns out that Dark Souls II tracks your disconnections from other players, and if you do it too many times, will actually bar you from calling in summoning help in your world! Ouch! Talk about adding salt to a wound that someone has just been kicking open with steel toe-capped boots!


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