8 Video Games With Cut Content That Would've Been Awesome

Dialogue in Battlefront 2 actually hinted at Ahsoka and Padme...

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Video game development is a long and often arduous process filled with perils of different kinds. The best laid plans can sometimes never come to fruition, and it's often the case that a studio's original vision will change overtime, either because something doesn't work in practice, or because they've been given a strict deadline to meet.

Whereas in the past it would take developers going public for players to discover cut content, data miners now regularly uncover all sorts of juicy little secrets while going through a game's files, and discoveries are frequent. Sometimes, they'll actually be able to access and play the cut content in question, although - with it being cut - it's never going to match up to the finished product quality-wise.

All the same, it's fascinating to look at some of the cut content that never made it to release. It shines a light on the development process and may provide hints of what a studio could look to include in a future project.

Some cut features could've radically transformed their games, while others would've simply provided more content for players to devour. It's easy to see why they were cut in some instances, but in others, players may be left wishing that developers were given more time to fully realise their respective projects...

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