8 Video Games You Can Break By Playing Perfectly

Playing so well you broke the game's code? Now THAT'S impressive.

Bioshock 2

Despite what people will tell you in an age of video games more and more focused on epic narratives and slow-burn adventures, we play for one reason and one reason only. To Win.

I know that there might be those that disagree with that statement, but if you break it down, from bullet hell shooters to walking simulators, we play these titles in order to master their mechanics and see out their end credits, thus "beating" the experience and "winning" the game.

The more and more time we spend with a title, the better we're likely to get, and soon those high score tables are populated with our initials and online leaderboards bear our callsigns.

Yet deep within the code of our favorite games, there exist gremlins, ghosts, and goblins looking to deny us that fabled "perfect run" and actively punish the player or downright destroy the experience should you happen to do TOO WELL!

So let's take a look at titles that tripped us up just as world record laps were about to be set, that shone a light in our eyes as we were about to hit another headshot, and others that flat out killed the game for players being just that damn good.

8. Burger Time

Bioshock 2
Data East

As anyone who's worked in the food service industry can tell you, busy hours at pubs and restaurants can be an utter nightmare; a frenzy of bodies clamouring for attention which you have to navigate, while avoiding co-workers who are also zooming about the place.

Thankfully, when it comes to reflecting this part of our society in video games, it's usually made to be a lot more fun, where instead of sweating bullets you're racking up points by plating food or cooking up culinary masterpieces.

For the most part, Burger Time is such an experience, with you helping a tiny chef build burgers whilst avoiding sentient food that seriously does not want you to have a happy meal.

It's a simple but frantic affair that only ramps up in difficulty as the stages get progressively harder, however, even a master chef could not foresee what would happen once the player hits level 28, as here the enemies become supercharged moving faster than anything you've seen before and if you somehow manage to survive this food fight, then the game inverts and moves at a snail's pace!

Watching burger ingredients move slower than erosion kills the experience, and while it is possible to carry on playing, stages can now take upwards of an hour to complete. Suddenly I've lost my appetite.

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