8 Video Games You Can Break By Playing Perfectly

3. Duck Hunt

Bioshock 2

Duck Hunt is a title that will forever be burned into the minds of older gamers for one good reason:

That bloody dog.

His constant laughter added unnecessary salt to the wounds of our failure and it wasn't long before players across the globe were looking for ways to hack the title in order to be able to Ol Yella this bad boy for good.

It also inspired many other gamers to simply knuckle down and put in the hard graft, vowing to become so good at Duck Hunt that they'd never have to see that chuckling canine ever again.

However, in doing so, they ended up breaking the game.

If the player was somehow able to get to level 100 on the one duck version of the game, then upon completing the round, they wouldn't be awarded with a glorious message of triumph but a moment that could only be described as a "clusterduck".

Suddenly ducks would fly at lightning speed across the screen and even your best efforts couldn't hope to bring them down and then it happened. The dog appears. Laughs at you over and over, and then boots you back to the title screen.

He truly had the last laugh after all.

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