8 Video Games You Can Break By Playing Perfectly

2. R.C Pro Am

Bioshock 2

R.C Pro-Am is a glorious bastard if ever there was one, as while the game is still amazing fun to play even to this day, it is one of the dirtiest players in the book, at least to those who actually seek to master it's twists and turns.

You see the devs wanted to make sure that all levels of skill were challenged with their game, and so set about making it that the other A.I racers adapted to how well you did, getting incrementally faster the more laps you completed without falling into last place and burning out.

However there wasn't a cap on this skill ceiling, and so while it was easy to breeze into first place for the first few laps, soon you'd begin seeing something horrendous in your rearview mirror.

The bloody Yellow Car.

Seriously this cheating prick was the bane of any R.C Pro Am experience, being able to supercharge their way back into the race no matter what you threw at it. Eventually, thanks to the incremental rise in speed and acceleration the Yellow car wouldn't just overtake you, it'd lap you over and over and over, rendering the race un-winnable.

Even if you could hold on against this onslaught the OTHER cars would also slowly catch up in speed, meaning you were always destined to lose. Rough.

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