8 Video Games You Can Break By Playing Perfectly

4. Bubble Bobble Revolution

Bioshock 2

Bubble Bobble may well be one of the incredibly rare examples of gaming perfection. The mechanics and concept are so tight that there's genuinely no fat to cut off of the experience. Trapping enemies in bubbles and popping them over and over becomes utterly cathartic that is brilliant fun for all skill levels.

Bubble Bobble Revolution, however, is nothing like its ancestor. For a start, the controls feel like jam was used to stick the cartridge together, and everything from the graphics to the sound design actually feels like a step DOWN.

Yet this is nothing compared to the abysmal "reward" players get for being able to get to level 30, as here, if you were playing on the North American release THE BOSS WOULDN'T SPAWN leaving you adrift with nothing to do and no way to fix the issue.

Imagine that, making some nice progress through an incredibly cheap and artificially difficult title, only to be presented with....nothing. Cheers.

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