8 Ways Mass Effect Eerily Predicted The Future

When science fiction became science fact.


It’s not long now until Mass Effect: Andromeda lands – and since it’s set 600 years after the events of the original trilogy, it’ll be interesting to see just how far we’ve come as a species, and to explore the galaxy itself.

After all, the Mass Effect trilogy had some interesting ideas on what the future would be like, and it’s worth remembering that when the first game released, it was a seriously different world. Youtube was just a year old, and everyone still had a MySpace profile. Even things like tablets had yet to reach a massive audience, despite them being a sci-fi staple.

It was a dark, dark age of un-enlightenment.

The games did what all great sci-fi does – throws its own unique and creative spin on recognisable science fiction gadgets and tech. You know the drill: Flying cars, FTL travel, aliens, galaxy-wide politics, corridors comprised almost entirely of steel. Although, at least the cars on Earth still handle better than the Mako.

In taking inspiration from, and expanding on, a developing 21st century, the games – set in 2183-2186 – managed to predict a few facts about the future that back in the innocent days of 2007, we never thought possible, yet now, have already happened...

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