8 Ways The Video Game Industry Will Completely Change In The Next 10 Years

Say goodbye to PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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You'll be hearing a lot about how 2017 is one of the best years for gaming since, oh, say 2013, but the more interesting rumination (once you've gotten over Overwatch beating Warframe and GTA Online as 'Best Ongoing Game' at The Game Awards, anyway) is "What does this mean for the future?"

Because don't forget: While we've seen scores of phenomenal titles from Zelda: Breath of the Wild to Steamworld Dig 2, Horizon Zero Dawn to Pyre, the hardware, manufacturing and deal-making side of things has changed considerably. We're seeing Microsoft's future for the Xbox brand get called into question, their own Phil Spencer has mentioned how he could see gaming become a streaming service, and Sony - after winning the generation, sales-wise - have already begun work on the PS5.

Not to mention, game budgets are constantly in flux, we have nowhere near a dedicated price point across the board (if you compare to a film ticket) and the Nintendo Switch just revolutionised how to even "do" a home console.

There's a lot to think on, starting with...

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