8 Worst Video Games Of 2022 (So Far)

8. Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition

blade runner enhanced edition
Nightdive Studios

Talk about your most-requested video game re-releases in the modern day. Talk about your awesome overlooked movie tie-in games, too.

Because the Blade Runner game - originally dropping in 1997 to mixed critic reviews and very solid fan response - only solidified itself as a cult classic over time. A point n' click adventure with gorgeous visuals, a stellar script and a haunting soundtrack made to ape the 1982 Vangelis original, needless to say it's nothing short of a tragedy that this never made it to consoles.

... Until 2022.

Sadly, due to a nightmare of a creative process involving developers Nightdive having to recreate the entire game from scratch, as EA wouldn't play ball with the original source code, we got an abysmal attempt at something still in development, releasing anyway.

What is it with cyberpunk games doing this over and over??

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition would suffer every issue under the sun, from barely legible environments to different frame rates applied to characters, cutscenes and interactive objects, to raw performance constantly struggling. The game has been patched with mention of more updates to come, but for such an anticipated release, this was just sad.

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