9 "Leaked" Video Games That WON'T Be At E3 2019

Another year, another Rocksteady no show.

Rocksteady Superman
Warner Bros.

E3 2019 is imminent, and that means juggling more rumours and info-dumps than humanly possible.

In the internet age, no major reveal is safe from being accidentally leaked onto the internet before its intended announcement, and after Walmart Canada single-handedly revealed pretty much every game set to be unveiled at last year's conference, fans now expect the biggest announcements to hit headlines way before E3 has even gotten underway.

However, as is often the case, not all of the biggest rumours leading up to the event turn out to be true.

Fans might get their hopes up to see a long-anticipated game at the conference after devouring every potential bit of info on the internet, only for developers and publishers to immediately dash all hope, confirming they never intended to be there in the first place.

Consequently, while the likes of Watch Dogs 3 suffered countless leaks that all turned out to be true, not every game rumoured to show up at E3 is based on the same credible sources.

The frustrating part is that it's easy to get these mixed up with the titles that are guaranteed to be there. As a result, whether or not the creators themselves have ruled the projects out, there are a bunch of anticipated, "leaked" titles rumoured to be unveiled at E3 2019 that we can prove right now won't be there.


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