9 Amazing Video Games That Will NEVER Get Sequels (And Why)

9. Sleeping Dogs

United Front Games

Ironically enough, pretty much everyone slept on Sleeping Dogs when it came out. At the time, the world was inundated with countless GTA rip-offs, and on the surface, this game looked like just another one to throw on the pile.

And while it's right that the sandbox game was no doubt inspired by Rockstar's iconic series, it put its own stamp on everything. Acting as a throwback to Hong Kong crime movies, the open world itself was ridiculously detailed, capturing the seedy underbelly of the city perfectly. Throw on top of that a focus on martial-arts melee combat (as well as top notch driving), and the game had more than enough to set itself apart from the competition.

At one point a sequel was planned, but it was canned in favour of Triad Wars, a PC-only MMO spin-off that no doubt would have stripped away all the personality from the previous game. Of course, that was cancelled as well.

It was the little touches that made Sleeping Dogs so special - going to a karaoke bar to knock out a rendition of 'I Fought The Law' after murdering a bunch of guys in the street, for instance - and it's a shame we won't get more of that.

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