9 Best Dark Souls Games That AREN'T Dark Souls - Commenter's Edition

Gaming's most intense genre has the shiniest hidden gems.

Some of you may remember a past video we did on the ‘10 Best Dark Souls Games That AREN’T Dark Souls’. Well, a bunch of you checked that one out and agreed they indeed weren’t Dark Souls, but also some were perhaps not Dark Soulsey enough to be called Dark Souls at all.

Well, let's give it a second try. I read all your comments, even the one from jasonkickass9418 saying “2nd lol. love ur work guys” and put together a brand new list that compiles your picks for the Soulsiest games that aren’t actually in the Dark Souls franchise.


9. Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars
Acme Game Studio

If you sometimes find Souls games inundating but you still enjoy the level of challenge, slick combat mechanics, and plenty of skills with which you can customise your protagonist, Asterigos has what you’re looking for. The game puts you in the shoes of Hilda, a fiery-haired warrior who is all geared up to face intimidating bosses inspired by Greek and Roman mythology throughout the visually stunning city of Aphes.

The narrative revolves around you trying to break the curse that has gripped your city. There are some gorgeous arenas, fantastic boss designs, and mimic chests. Because you have to have mimic chests. The overwhelming odds are in there just like in Souls games, as well as a recently added boss rush mode if you need an extra challen. The lighter side of the experience means there are only six weapons available and 22 bosses to take down who won’t give you nearly as much trouble as a Souls boss.

Things are also a little easier going in that you don’t lose experience when you die and it’s not quite as tricky as its inspiration so it serves up a refreshing and breezier alternative for Souls fans.

It’s also worth mentioning this is the first release from the developer so it’s an impressive start and understandably a thinner experience. That said, it’s a strong start particularly given the Taiwanese studios relative infancy and tighter budget.

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