9 Best Fan Service Moments In Video Games

Retrieving the Blades of Chaos? Better than ALL.

god of war 2018 blades of chaos
Sony Santa Monica

While some video games are probably made totally independent of what gamers may want them to be, it’s fair to assume most developers like to give gamers what they want. At least most of the time.

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room some of you will want clarification on before we go any further. We are, of course, talking about times that games did things to make fans happy when we talk about fan service. Not the other kind. Get your heads out of the gutter.

Whether it’s fan favourite mechanics, storylines, returning characters, or side quests, there are loads of examples of times developers have gone out of their way to provide moments of pure fan service. Even when it meant bending the format, pacing, or design philosophy of the rest of the game, these were ten occasions that we were more than happy to be catered to.

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