9 Best Video Game Quests Triggered At Random

Yakuza's NPCs have got your number.

yakuza npc

Games that offer up engaging side activities are a blast as there’s far more to sink your teeth into than a single main storyline.

Whether you’re happy to take on a few of these side quests, as many as your map pulls up in the form of a little exclamation point, or you go the whole hog and use a guide to make sure no stone is left unturned, more content is never a bad thing. That said, these side quests can sometimes be somewhat tricky to uncover. Maybe they aren’t marked on the map, maybe they require specific conditions to be met to trigger, or perhaps the game will let you out of them early but you need to use your initiative to reach the intended conclusion. In this list we’re going over some fantastic quests that aren’t so easy to trigger for various reasons.

While these missions will require a little more from you to get stuck into, they’re all more than worth it.

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