9 Biggest Necessities For The Next Generation Of Consoles

"For the players"? How about you prove it this time.

PlayStation 5

Surprisingly enough, we could be looking at the launch of the next generation of consoles pretty soon. It's been around five years since the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One, but rumours circulating seem to posit that we could be seeing brand new tech within the next couple years. And with Bethesda's announcement that Starfield will be next generation, it's looking closer and closer.

So, what better time to reflect on the current consoles and pick out the bits that need improving. After all, in some respects, they are pretty dismal consoles. The past few years have highlighted not only things that need to be improved, but things that need to be changed completely.

With a new generation of consoles comes the opportunity to not only overhaul the tech, but also the industry as a whole. There are features that fans desperately want that would not only define a console but send ripples through the entirety of medium.

Whilst most of them may not happen, they are entirely necessary for creating the perfect console. A wishlist, so to speak. And implementing them would require the biggest of risks, but would result in the best console to date.

9. Actually Have A Solid Launch Line-Up

PlayStation 5

The launch line up for both the Xbox One and PS4 were absolutely shocking. Most of them were games that were already available on current-gen tech, or they were sequels that straddled the two generation instead of capitalising on the new console's abilities.

It speaks volumes that the two games that were supposed to represent the Xbox One and PS4's capacity as consoles were Ryse: Son of Rome and Knack. Two of the most forgettable and ridiculed games around.

So, learn from that mistake and give players a reason to buy the console. No one cares how many hairs can be rendered if there aren't good games to display that.

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