9 Brilliant Video Game Mechanics That Are Criminally Underused

8. Limb Targeting - Dead Space

Dead Space
Visceral Games

Shooting mechanics are as inherent to games as the ability to jump, with shooters becoming one of the most popular genres around. In saying that, it's quite unbelievable just how many games get away with rather pitiful shooting mechanics. Bullet sponges and weightless guns are all to prevalent in a genre that has been developed for years.

However, games like Dead Space and Metal Gear Solid 2 utilise their shooting mechanics in a more realistic way, standing as testaments to the genre. Having enemies react to bullets instead of standing there oblivious to the shrapnel's existence doesn't exactly sound revolutionary, but it makes a colossal difference.

Add onto that limbs that can be blown off and you have shooting mechanics that actually feel worth exploring. The depth of realism can add immensely to a game not only in immersion, but in more tactical gameplay. Being able to disarm enemies by targeting their arms gives incentive for players to actually consider their aim, instead of just shooting in the general direction of a given foe.


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