9 Brutal Video Games You'll Only Beat Through Repetition

8. Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

Bennett Foddy

The objective is simple - get the man in the pot to the top of the stack of nonsense. Easy enough, right? It'll take no time at all. Well, my friend, you are in for a surprise. A philosophical surprise.

Developed by Bennett Foddy, Getting Over It is a test in patience, timing, and determination.

You play as a man called Diogenes who like his namesake, dwells within a large cauldron. Armed with a pick ax, you slowly climb the endless stack of random objects, and throughout the journey, Bennett Foddy keeps you company with philosophical commentary on perseverance and disappointment.

It's a bit of a toss up as to whether or not you'll be screaming at him to shut up as you inevitably fall hundreds of feet to a spot you spent too much time getting through. But the point of the seemingly fruitless exercise is to learn just how resilient you are.

The repetitive action of hauling Diogenes up from table to house will eventually feel like a metaphor for conquering your own challenges. It may be frustrating as hell, but once you reach the top, it's worth it just for the view.

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