9 Celebrity Voice Actors Who Ruined Their Video Games

For a few million dollars, is a more recognisable voice worth the hassle?

Voice acting in games has come a hell of a long way in the last 30 years, and as the industry itself has grown, matured and flexed its financial muscles, we've seen everything from actors finding fame in their respective games - the Uncharted series' Nolan North for example - alongside already notable celebrities lending their talents to any number of titles.

Is it a good thing though?

Grand Theft Auto-developer Rockstar made a very poignant shift with GTA IV and their turn away from prominent celebrity voice actors, guys like Joe Pantoliano, Ray Liotta and Samuel L. Jackson were featured pretty heavily in titles like GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas respectively, with Rockstar noting that audiences always ended up hearing the actor instead of the character.

It's a really good point, as when you think about it unless there are actors like Mark Hamill who can lend their chameleonic abilities to a number of roles ranging from a cackling Joker to gruff-voiced Wolverine, the very reason they've been tapped in the first place is usually because a developer is looking to replicate a previous role or particular affectation they carry with them.

Nearly all of us remember some early instance of just a 'voice' in gaming - such as Mortal Kombat's "Fatality" or Unreal Tournament's "Headshot!" - but such soundbites are few and far between these days, which begs the question of whether all this over-indulgent celebrity-endorsement is worth it in the end. Click "next" to start the list...

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