9 Crazy Video Game Conspiracy Theories People Actually Believe

8. Mario Is A Communist

Super Mario Bros Flag 3

That's right, arguably the world's most famous video game character of all time isn't just your average plumber who rescues princesses for a living, but one that's a communist sympathizer trying to overthrow the rich elite of the Mushroom Kingdom.

In fact, the entire series, from inception to present day, is actually one big metaphor for the rise of the Soviet Union.

From the red star flags that Mario erects upon wrestling control of each castle back from Bowser, to the King of Koopas himself, every aspect of Nintendo's mascot has been not-so-subtly tailored to retell the historic revolution in a fictional setting.

But even forgetting the allusions to Bowser being the representation of Tsar Nicholas II and Mario's nemesis Wario being the direct representation of a greedy capitalist society, what really hammers home the concept is, well, Mario's hammer or, as it's otherwise known, one part of the USSR's iconic logo. That's not even mentioning Mario's obvious similarity in appearance to one Joseph Stalin.

While it all sounds quite logical, I can't imagine Miyamoto got into games design in order to push a hidden communist agenda. Although, the video below makes it all sound rather convincing...

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