9 Crucial Ways Microsoft Can Save The Xbox One At E3 2017

Don't let Xbox become the next Dreamcast.

Xbox One

Alright, it's game-time. Because if Microsoft don't pull an E3 for the ages out of the bag, I'm putting it out there that the Xbox brand might go the way of the Dreamcast.

It goes without saying that the unveiling of the Xbox One was one of the most deflating and disappointing things since Watch Dogs' launch day state, but even following that, Microsoft have truly struggled to maintain any sense of momentum.

Giving Phil Spencer the reins was a monumental step in the right direction, and since he royally booted Don Mattrick out the door, we've seen things like backwards compatibility get implemented, alongside a level of frank honesty towards the Xbox One's trailing sales figures that's ultimately quite endearing.

Still, honesty and amicability will only get you so far, and in 2017's case, Sony have been landing endless Rocky-style haymakers when it comes to exclusives and reasons to stick with PS4. Going into E3 it's literally all to play for, and if Microsoft want people to reconsider the Xbox brand's place on consumer shelves, there are some essential things that need to happen.

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