9 Developers That KNEW You'd Break Their Game

Secrets only diehards will ever find.

witcher 3
CD Projekt RED

At this stage, I'm gonna assume you've played a LOT of video games. You've beaten hundreds of bosses, been wowed by millions of explosions, enjoyed copious amounts of plot twists and attempted scores of 100% trophies or achievements, only to give up on "the one with the collectibles".

What you'll also know like the back of your hand - especially across the 8th generation and to now - is how easy it is for games to completely break.

Launch day server woes, disappearing character faces, scripting errors - we've seen it all at this point.

But what if it was intentional? What if the developers planned for you to be somewhere it felt like you shouldn't?

Some of the coolest boundary-break secrets, sequence-breaking reveals and everything in between come from that sweet spot where you're about to dismantle everything... and get rewarded for it.

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