9 Fighting Video Game Characters With The Craziest Backstories

You won't believe why Vega wears that mask...

Vega Street Fighter

Back in the old days of fighting games, there was little need for complicated storylines. You didn't need to know all of your characters hopes, dreams and inner demons, your only goal was to spin-kick the living hell out of the other kid who stuck a coin into the arcade slot.

But as gaming evolved, fighting franchises could no longer rely solely on costumes and ridiculous hairstyles alone to distinguish one fighter from another. They had to develop specific personalities, and that meant some hefty backstories needed to go alongside.

Even characters who began their lives as nothing more than a differentiated colour splash would eventually let players dig further into their pasts to reveal some of their most intensely personal details.

And although an awesome backstory doesn't necessarily make them a better fighter, and thus, doesn't effect who players choose when their primary goal is still turning the opposition into a fine paste, it certainly makes any given Story Mode a lot more interesting.

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