9 Franchise Revivals That Could Save The Xbox One

Because Lucky's Tale sure isn't ending the Xboxpocalypse.


It's no secret that the last few years haven't been kind to Microsoft. Whilst the big green behemoth used to perch atop the pile of last generation consoles, the Xbox One's infamously misjudged E3 announcement saw it slide to the bottom of the pack, almost overnight. Microsoft was left face down in the dirt, and although they've managed to somewhat pick themselves up, Xbox as a brand has never really dusted itself off.

Big releases in the form of Halo 5 and Gears Of War 4 didn't innovate enough to entertain hardcore franchise devotees, while more original titles such as Recore or Sunset Overdrive failed to make waves. Indeed, unlike the PS4 and especially the Nintendo Switch, this newest generation system simply hasn't been able to connect with fans.

Without a system seller, Microsoft finds itself in big trouble. The console race is rapidly slipping out of their grasp, though they may still have a few cards left to play.

With a number of great years behind them, Xbox's future may fare better if it were to spend a little time retracing some past steps.


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