9 Great Video Games That Did Not Deserve The Hate

Don't think much of these games? Now's a good time to think again.


Gamers can be a fickle bunch. While positivity is good and all, nothing is more fun than tearing a game to shreds and with the Internet being what it is, we can – and do – make sure that everyone knows about it. After all, with hype comes expectation and if that expectation is not met Hell quickly follows.

Sometimes that negativity is warranted. The gaming landscape is filled with enough empty promises, half-baked, lazy attempts and downright broken cash-grabs that being a smidge jaded can keep our hard-earned money in our wallets and encourage the greedy, incompetent or criminal to rethink their shady practices.

Then there are times when the negativity gets out of hand. This is where things get ugly, where a poor previous outing creates near insurmountable scepticism, a bad screenshot or two overpowers all the good that comes after, and a shaky release leads to a storm of furious reviews. And so, many a great game has died a gruesome death, or simply been ignored, left to languish until some brave soul gave it a second glance.

Today, we’re taking that second glance. These are titles that fell afoul of the Internet for less than valid reasons and were denied sequels, acclaim and success because of it. So, let’s chuck that negativity, grab a cup of tea, warm our crotchety old hearts, and show some love to games that truly deserve it.


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