9 Impossible Video Game Side Missions NOBODY Beat

They're optional for a reason.

GTA 4 pigeons

We expect to be challenged more and more as we progress through the main story in video games but it’s often the path less travelled that presents the trickiest missions.

That’s largely because you don’t need to actually complete side content in order to hit the game’s end credits, so there’s no harm in putting a brutal challenge over on the side to tempt only the bravest of players. Those are the types of missions we’re going to be digging into in this list.

Whether because of their sheer difficulty, the time commitment required to complete them, and/or their pure ability to turn a fun game into a not fun one, here are a solid handful of side missions you should not seek out.

Now, disclaimer, I know what the title says and I know that there’s absolutely going to be at least one of you that has beaten these side missions - if not more - so let’s just quietly say these are side missions the vast majority of people couldn’t beat, and if you have, then go tell your friends you beat a side mission we said couldn’t beat. You look cool and we crack into the list. Deal? Okay, cool.

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