9 Incredible Features WASTED On Disappointing Video Games

9. Planet Terraforming - Mass Effect: Andromeda


Mass Effect: Andromeda was a total mess of a game, but you can't say that it didn't have grand ambitions. Originally, the title was supposed to be this sprawling space epic, making players feel like real adventurers as they travelled from planet to planet while uncovering the secrets of the Andromeda universe.

Sadly, those plans had to be scaled down, as inner turmoil in the development team led to missed deadlines and a lack of direction overall. The focus on discovering uncharted lands and colonising them did make it into the final release, but it was a much more watered down version.

The idea that these new planets were completely alien and hostile to humans remained however, and in just about every case you needed to make the world hospitable and safe for humans by changing the environment through alien technology.

Terraforming these planets provided a handful a great gameplay and story opportunities for the Andromeda team, but the system had clearly been scaled down at some point, when it should have supported the entire game.

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