9 Insanely Long Video Game Unlocks That ARE Worth It

Did you get the best ending in Elden Ring??

While completionists wouldn’t bat an eyelid at a time-consuming and energy-intensive collectathon or arduous string of side quests, pouring hours or even days into a single unlock certainly isn’t for everybody.

This is doubly as true when said unlock isn’t worth the hassle, and for those instances we’ve already made WhatCulture lists to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes we did. This list isn’t for those let downs, though, it’s for the unlocks that might have been a pain in the butt to pull off, but were ultimately worth the trouble.

Don’t expect any Hestu’s Gift of Poop-esque rewards here because whether these unlocks were a piece of gear, an ability, narrative payoff, or the animation of an adorable little forest critter, these rewards made you feel good for putting in the effort.

I really hope you know what Hestu’s Gift is... or that reference would have raised some eyebrows.


9. Inari Shrines - Ghost Of Tsushima

Inari Shrines - Ghost Of Tsushima
Sucker Punch

The Inari Shrines, or Fox Shrines in Ghost of Tsushima can be found by choosing to stop and smell the graphically impressive flora and taking note of foxes scampering around the game world.

Once discovered in their dens, you can tail these cute little guys to said shrines, of which there are no less than 49.

That might seem a little daunting considering the size of the game world and the high stakes moral and civil conflict that protagonist Jin is trying to juggle, but it’s well worth seeking all of them out. Despite the time investment especially for the more obscured dens, finding shrines will reward you with charm slots. Unlock all of these and you’ll eventually be rewarded with charms that buff your combat and stealth abilities. Find them all and you’ll not only have got your hands on a special mask for Jin, the Favour of the Kami trophy, and boosts for those stellar charms you were granted earlier, you’ll also have seen the adorable fox petting animation 49 times.

And, really, is there any better reward than that?

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