9 Intense Video Game Secret Levels You Can't Handle

Testing that gamer mettle... if you can prove yourself in the first place.

Video Game Characters

Sometimes you just want to drink a game in. Modern titles like Assassin's Creed Origins, God of War or The Witcher III invite a level of sheer playability that means we devote hours upon hours to uncovering every last piece of code; every last morsel of gameplay to get our money's worth.

In God of War's case, the main story ending is just an encouraging nudge to go explore the rest of the game, and for The Witcher III, well, I'm 600 hours in and still going.

Many times though, developers will cotton onto this near drug-like state we get into, tossing in easter eggs, secrets, hidden levels and more for only the diehard players to find.

Say they do though... what then?

The original God of War famously included a phone number so director David Jaffe and Kratos himself could congratulate the player, but many others lock their most challenging areas away so only those who stumble upon them get exclusive bragging rights.

If you've somehow managed to find and complete the following, hats off. You're part of a VERY small club...

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