9 More Amazing Video Games (You Can’t Actually Play Anymore)

A moment's silence for the games time will forget.

the godfather game

To be polite, video game preservation is an absolute dumpster fire.

Unlike other mediums where works of art (and video games are art, dammit) are well preserved and will probably outlive everyone reading this (unless you've figured out something I don't know), game releases aren't so lucky.

It doesn't matter whether it's a critical darling that sold like gangbusters or a forgettable bargain bin piece of trash nobody remembers anyway, any game can find itself on the chopping block and no longer able to be acquired by, let's say, conventional means.

That goes double for online-only games, whose servers can be shut off at a moment's notice. While you can still play some of these games, future generations will have no idea what they were like in full working conditions with populated matches.

This sucks no matter which title it happens to, but it doubly stings when a great release is suddenly pulled, leaving it locked behind overpriced second-shop shelves.


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