9 Most Annoying Video Game Sidekicks

Sidekicks who needed their bottoms kicked.


A quarter of a century ago, a humble little fox with a can do attitude made his debut in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, stealing hearts and losing rings in the process. Such was the overwhelming success of Tails (it was a different, more innocent time), that Sonic soon found himself with a menagerie of goggle-eyed followers, each more progressively useless than the last. A radgey red Rastadog we could tolerate. The fishing cat - a literal kind - not so. Thanks for nothing, Tails.

It's easy to forget through Vector the Crocodile and Cream the Rabbit (named during a less innocent time) that Tails himself wasn't actually very good. In fact, he was a complete pain in the ring hole (that's the thing you jump through to enter special stages).

The nugatory fox might have been one of gaming's first truly annoying sidekicks, but he wasn't the last. Just as he inspired a coterie of animal idolaters for Sonic, so too did he set the template for insufferable video game acolytes. From kamikaze toads to overly officious cats, these are the video game buddies which confirmed Sartre's maxim that "Hell is other people."

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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