9 Most Disappointing Video Games Of The Year (So Far)

They might not be terrible, but they could have been SO much more.


As mentioned in our other mid-year review lists, 2020 has seen a huge amount of great games released across its first half. From Doom Eternal to Final Fantasy VII Remake, every month has enjoyed at least one major quality release for players to get stuck into, and the remaining months show no sign of slowing down.

Of course while that's good for players, it's made writing these mid-term reports a right faff on. There have been too many good games, and there aren't many that have been outright stinkers. That said, there have still been too many for my liking that haven't quite lived up to initial expectations.

Now, just because something ended up being disappointing doesn't mean it's terrible and a completely write off. In fact some of the games on this list are still a lot of fun and worthy of your time, it's just that fans expected more from them.

There are some exceptions to this of course, with the biggest disappointments also being some of the worst of the year outright, but it's far from a blanket rule.


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