9 Most Enjoyable Weapons In Video Games

weapons The primary directive of our most popular video games is to provide a player with an item capable of wreaking damage on the environment and NPC's whilst at the same time providing a fun gaming experience. Here, I've broken down some of the more diverting weapons presented to me for use in exploding, crushing and generally breaking characters, vehicles and environments.

9. Plasmids - BioShock Series


The final word in first person casting, the plasmids and vigors in the BioShock universe are almost fully integrated and interactive with the environment, allowing the player to electrocute pools of water, taking out multiple enemies or to absorb and reflect bullets. Combinations of plasmids and weapons, using them in almost poetic symphony to obliterate all who stand before you is a great experience. I'm sure any potential refinements and additions in future games will be welcomed by the fanbase. Click "next" below to read the next entry...

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