9 Most Overdone Clichés In Modern Video Games

Yup, it's another skeleton with an audio diary.

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Play enough video games over time, and you'll start to notice the sharing of ideas. Influence taken, inspiration given, design philosophies, bankable mechanics, character archetypes - there's a ton of crossover with other entertainment mediums, but often when something takes off, the competition will directly ape it for a few years after.

Obviously this is how we get trends, but stay too long in that mindset and you've become a cliché; a tired trope the audience has seen way too much of, that simply needs to change or be eliminated altogether.

Gauging the lifespan of these things is incredibly hard, and when the turnaround on your average big budget title is 3-5 years, it's easy for "brand new games" to be full of outdated concepts.

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