9 Multiplayer Characters Who BROKE Their Video Games

House Rule: Do NOT pick the Timesplitters monkey.

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For as long as we've been able to dual each other in video games, people have found ways to win through less... sportsmanlike means. Something about our human lizard brains means winning at all costs, and when it comes to all-out digital warfare, well we've gotten pretty creative.

In the split-screen days it was screen-watching, the early Xbox Live days that became disconnecting your modem to force lag on other players. Today there are scores of methods involving aim-bots nailing headshots to hacking the game's code for a speed-boost, and everything in between.

With all those exploits in mind then, what about balance issues and gaining the advantage from something already baked into the game's code?

What about characters with major advantages the developers clearly overlooked, that went on to cause havoc in their respective titles?

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