9 Over-Hyped Video Games You Were Always Going To Hate

8. Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

There's something about wasted potential in a product that just boils our collective blood (and I should know, I saw Batman V Superman). With Watch Dogs though, it was potential we had no reference point for.

The 'next generation' of hardware had only been available for a few furtive months, and with a bevy of slightly shinier ports filling out our shelves, for all intents and purposes it was Watch Dogs that was going to be the 'real' start of this hardware cycle.

Hell, Ubisoft even said "The next generation starts here" in the run-up to release. At launch though, people hated Watch Dogs with a burning passion, despite it being a totally fine, third-person open-world action game.

Yes, it 'should' have been more, but there was no denying it; unless Watch Dogs was on the level of a GTA III, a Last of Us or a Red Dead (a calibre of game Ubisoft are yet to release), people already had their fingers poised on the trigger before it left the gate.

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