9 Popular Video Games With Glaring Flaws Nobody Admits

The things you're forced to forget about when the rest is spot on.

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There's always a feeling when any critically-revered title releases, that nothing bad can ever be said about it. Just try doing so with GTA: Vice City or Skyrim - those games are like Luke Cage to any opinion-bullets: They're phenomenal, flawless titles. Fact.

Not that I'm necessarily disagreeing, but nothing's perfect (unless you're Shovel Knight), and no matter how much a given title's positive reception and reputation cements it in the good books, that doesn't mean there aren't negatives worth addressing.

One definition of perfection involves acknowledging the blemishes and quirks in a given 'thing' anyway, as only that makes it genuine. So, with that in mind, which insanely popular and well-regarded titles have glaring mistakes we're all too star-struck to notice?


9. Overwatch - Loot Sucks

overwatch loot box

You know Overwatch, right? The fantastical blend of superheroes, Pixar-esque animation, vibrant colour schemes and sex appeal? It's a cocktail of purely primal good vibrations, and one that easily netted developers Valve a Game of the Year nomination.

That said, outside of enjoyment, the reason for playing is to unlock small loot boxes, but as a character's weapons, costume sets and items are locked, it forces the devs to pack these boxes with all sorts of 'rewards' that are ultimately pointless.

Literally, working through a handful of matches will get you any combination of the following: Spray-on stickers (to put on walls that no one ever looks at), costumes (very rare, but actually good), 'voice lines' to randomly say in the game, player icons, some emote animations, victory poses, 'Highlight Intros' for any 'Play of the Game' final shot, or some cash.

It's... fine, but the vast majority of the time you'll end up with three sprays and a voice line, or a costume for a character you never use. Even getting enough gold coins to purchase something you actually want is completely random, forcing you into the dour market of microtransactions to have some semblance of agency over what you're unlocking.

Oh, and even then all you can do is buy more blind loot boxes... it's a never-ending cycle.

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