9 Powerful Video Game Side Stories You Probably Missed

Even Geralt wasn't prepared for the Cave of Dreams.

the witcher 3 cave of dreams
CD Projekt RED

Sometimes the very best narrative tidbits in video games are those that exist off the beaten path, and sometimes that offroad is so very obscured you might not find it at all.

At the intersection of those venn diagram circles is what our list is focussing on today.

Whether these side stories illuminated something about the game’s central narrative or just hit you in the feels in a very big way, those who were lucky enough to discover them will have been very glad they did.


9. Ramona’s Diary - Wolfenstein: The New Order

wolfenstein anna

Wolfenstein: The New Order revitalised the classic shooter series in a big way when it came out in 2014.

The game was praised for its intense combat, intriguing characters, and compelling story that paints an alternative history of World War II resulting in a very different world. All that to the side, the core of Wolfenstein remained alive and well, that being: Nazi’s are bad, let’s shoot at them.

Clever players with an eye for detail may have noticed a fascinating side story that develops over the course of the game. The secret unravels through diary entries that are read to you by your lover and fellow Nazi-hater Anya. The diary is said to belong to her dead cousin Ramona, who it appears commited a slew of murders of Germans in her time. The plot thickens though as it's strongly suggested the diary actually belongs to Anya herself.

Perceptive players who perhaps also speak Polish will be able to spot that the cover of the diary reads “Diary, property of Anya” in Polish.

Another giveaway is that Ramona mentions whispering to BJ while he was in a vegatative state, and you can indeed hear Anya whispering to you in that scene. She also all but tells you in the final recording, still very cool for those who picked it up in their playthrough.


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