9 Reasons Why The Wii U Will Succeed (Eventually)

8. The Preowned Market Will Improve Over Time

One additional problem that occurs from a lack of consoles sold, is that the games aren't circulating. As a result, the value of the Wii U games are typically quite high even if they're pre-owned, as there aren't many being traded in or resold. This goes especially for first-party and second-party titles, as they are usually the most desired on Nintendo consoles. The weakness of the Wii U second-hand market could prevent potential buyers from purchasing a Wii U, as not everyone can afford new games at full retail value. There's not an obvious solution to this problem, but it'll gradually fix itself as more Wii U units and software are sold towards the holiday season. This problem isn't exclusive to just the Wii U, it's a general problem that faces most new consoles that don't have a strong launch line-up. Upcoming titles should stimulate more Wii U purchases, especially around Christmas, which should get more Wii U titles in circulation and soften those prices, making it a more reasonable purchase.

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