9 Scariest Moments In Non-Horror Video Games

Monster Doc Ock still haunts our nightmares.

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There was a time when a random scare in a non-horror game was super frequent. Or at the very least, it was to be expected.

Retrospectively that doesn't feel true, but the amount of titles that had inadvertent scares or disturbing imagery out of nowhere has stuck with millions of us over the years.

I'm talking the eel in Super Mario 64, the moon in Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, or seeing one of Minecraft's witches glaring at you through your own bedroom window as you're tucking down for the night.

While creepy polygonal faces or NPC models are one thing, there's also the reality of titles that choose to inject a sliver of horror into a game otherwise sitting comfortably in another genre entirely.

In many ways it means the scare, level or experience is more effective and far more memorable, because you REALLY had no idea it was coming.

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