9 Smartest Video Game Decisions (That Still Got People Killed)

The smart choice... in theory.

Batman Arkham City joker

There's no feeling quite like screaming at your TV in frustration as a video game character makes an intensely idiotic decision which seems entirely antithetical to their own survival.

It's distressingly common, as it is across most media, yet the greater interactivity of gaming only heightens the irritation players will feel against characters whose self-preservation instincts are, if we're being kind, a teensy bit non-existent.

Refreshing it is, then, when characters actually make smart decisions, whether to preserve their own hide or for the greater good.

Though we can't always expect people to make sensible choices under intense stress, these 9 video games characters all allowed their cooler instincts to prevail when the chips were down.

But the tragic irony is that the smart and morally right decision was ultimately one which led to death regardless.

Perhaps that was part of the trade-off or simply an unfortunate, unexpected by-product of their actions, but in each case these games proved that using your brain doesn't always guarantee a tragedy-free outcome...


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