9 Things The Sims 4 Has Ruined

The only way the Millennial/Gen-Zs can own a house, but not a bunk bed.


Depending on who you talk to, everyone has slightly different perspectives on The Sims 4.

If it’s your first Sims game, you may think the game is an innovative life simulator with an engaging cartoon art style. But for those who started out on the previous three games (excluding the console and handheld versions as they differed so wildly from the main games), The Sims 4 is a lacklustre cash-grab just trying to milk the cow-plant. From selling previously built-in features in £40 Expansion Packs to shamelessly cramming product placement down our throats, The Sims 4 has been a real pain in the Plumbob.

Whilst EA have definitely raked in record amounts of money from this series, they have lost all but a penny of their good standing among the Sims community (alongside other communities). They’ve only just started to climb their way back to ‘just above terrible’ with some hot fixes and patches that added essential game features, but to the majority this isn’t enough to forgive the seven years of mediocrity.

If you hate or love The Sims 4, there’s no doubt that there are some things we would like to change.

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