9 Things We Learned From Red Dead Redemption 2's Leaked Map

8. You Might Play As Red Harlow

red dead revolver red harlow

It's very easy to forget the original Red Dead, being it was made by Capcom and handed off to Rockstar to finish, releasing with a hybrid feel rather like L.A. Noire that doesn't tend to have the developer's signature polish.

Anyway, the 'Red' in the name comes from the character Red Harlow, the original protagonist who sets off to avenge his parents' death after they get shot by a double-crossing colonel.

This original title was set in 1880, whereas Rockstar wanted to make a clean break and essentially start the franchise anew, setting Redemption in 1910. However, if the prequel setting is true, this could mean we're going to see the return of Red in full, as he only showed up as a redesigned multiplayer skin in the sequel.

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