9 Things We Learned From Tokyo Game Show 2017

Square Enix's new Metal Gear-inspired game looks awesome.

Left Alive
Square Enix

Expectations were high that this past week's Tokyo Game Show might result in a few jaw-dropping video game reveals, most notably Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 2 Remake and From Software's new IP, as well as more footage from Final Fantasy VII Remake, Kingdom Hearts III, Shenmue III and many more.

As it turned out, TGS 2017 was a pretty low-key affair for the most part, with memorable and exciting announcements proving shockingly minimal, with an even greater focus being placed on mobile gaming than ever before.

That said, there were a few key stories that got the juices flowing, from surprise ports being insta-released to fans, to an unexpected VR remaster of a classic gaming sequel, and the shock announcement of an enticing new IP from industry legends.

TGS didn't drop it share of megaton reveals, but considering that this past E3 wasn't exactly one for the books either, it seems to be more indicative of the awkward stage of development so many big games are currently in.

Expect better things all around next year, even if these 9 reveals are all vitally important takeaways from the show...


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