9 Times Video Games Eerily Predicted The Future‏

6. Ghost Recon Gets The Russia-Georgia War Right To The Year

Tom Clancy (RIP) racked up more correct predictions than Nostradamus during his life. That might be because he filled his doorstop-sized books - and the games and films inspired by them - with so much unnecessary detail about real-world politics, weapons and military strategies that at some point that thick sludge of information in his fiction was going to hit upon something that then happened in non-fiction. As in, the real world. Besides foreseeing the recent conflicts between Russia and the Ukraine in his final book, Command Authority, the first Ghost Recon game to carry Clancy's name also predicted a skirmish between the Ruskies and neighbouring Georgia. Released way back in 2001, the first entry in the series - titled Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon - centred on a conflict between Russia, Georgia and various Baltic states, as the former tries to bring the former Soviet countries back under its control. Also the guy in charge looks a lot like Putin. Finally, the game was set in 2008, the very year that the actual conflict between Russia and Georgia broke out, which is pretty eerily accurate.
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