9 Times Video Games Made You Look Like An Idiot

The princess is in another castle. Probably.

GTA V submarine parts

There comes a point in most relationships where the best way to show your affection for someone is to take the p*ss out of them. Video games have been practising methods of making us look like idiots since the dawn of their existence, whether it be surprising us with downright trickery, misleading us, granting us pitiful rewards or just shamelessly embarrassing us.

These are the nine most ball-aching moments of outright bastardy.

9. Final Fantasy VII - Attack The Tail?

Final Fantasy VII Attack While Its Tails Up

The seventh installment in the Final Fantasy franchise is a masterpiece, and one that surely lights the flames of nostalgia in many a heart. Cloud and his faithful companions journey together to save the world from the rampaging Sephiroth, and along the way we discover the values of identity, individuality and self-worth.

The first boss that you encounter is called The Guard Scorpion. Whether it was an act of hilarious trolling from Square, or more likely, just a bad translation error, Cloud tells the player to perform a rather peculiar tactic. “Attack while its tail is up!” No problem! I’ll just save all my strongest attacks for when the boss raises its tail. “It’s gonna counter attack with its laser!” Wait, what? Was that two separate sentences? Do I attack or don’t I?!

It certainly sounds like the game is trolling you, but in actuality it's just a bad bit of localisation designed to explain a common trope of Final Fantasy first bosses. Pity it happened in the one game in the series the whole world got to play.

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