9 Video Game Characters That Vanished Without A Trace

Yeah, Rivet isn't the first female lombax...

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Video game characters have certainly earned their place among our fictional favourites. Whether for being relatable, unique, or an all-out hero, there’s plenty of iconic characters that have found a place in devs hearts and ours.

That said, there’s also video game characters who have gone a little by the wayside.

Or a lot by the wayside.

In this list we’ll be taking a look at ten characters who have been abandoned by their creators, franchises, and look, probably audiences.

There’s a chance you won’t recognise every name on this list even if you’ve played the games, so let’s get our necromancy on and bring these guys back from the dead.


9. Brutter - Jak & Daxter

jak and daxter brutter
Naughty Dog

If it’s any consolation, Brutter is just one character that got quietly chucked out as the Jak & Daxter series progressed.

Antagonists of The Precursor Legacy, Gol and Maia, are left at the end of the game probably, maybe dead, then never mentioned again. And it’s the same story for the croca-dog, Jak’s fiercely loyal pet, who isn’t seen again after the epilogue of Jak II. The same fate is in store for our buddy Brutter who we first meet in the Water Slums of Haven City in Daxter.

Brutter ran a trinket stand and fish cannery in Haven City and even called Daxter his “little orangey pal.” Seems kinda brutal then that even though he gives us the location of a seal piece in his hut and agrees to transport the Rift Rider on his balloon in the “Defend Stadium” mission in Jak II, that he’s just full on forgotten.

Even though he became captain of the New Krimzon Guard at the end of the game.

Brutter does make an appearance in the Daxter spin-off set before Jak II but we still don’t know what happened to him after that point.


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