9 Video Game Characters Who Would Make An Awesome Suicide Squad

Which gaming heroes fit this iconic comic book team?

Sony/Warner Bros.

After a lacklustre first outing two years ago, Suicide Squad hype had dampened to an all-time low. Then the news broke about James Gunn - the man who turned comic book c-listers Guardians Of The Galaxy into an a-list movie with a b-list cast.

Fired by Disney in controversial circumstances, Gunn has signed up to Suicide Squad 2 and reignited that hype to almost explosive levels. According to the news, he will have free licence to reinvent the franchise in his image, but what if he turned to video games for inspiration?

What if - instead of bringing back the characters from the first movie - he instead hired some of gaming's biggest and baddest for his new Squad?

9. Katana - Yoshimitsu (Tekken)


Both of these skilled sword-wielders keep their cards close to their chest. They’re the strong and silent type, with ‘strong’ meaning that they’ll slash you to pieces in seconds.

They both share a sense of mystery too and even in franchises as baffling as Suicide Squad and Tekken can be, often stand out as the weirdest. Katana is part of the Squad voluntarily, for example, which is slightly strange when you consider the rest of them have bombs on their necks to force complicity. Then there’s her sword, Soultaker; as the name suggests, it has the actual power to take souls.

Still, Yoshimitsu puts that weirdness to shame. A Tekken star since the first game, Yoshimitsu has taken strikingly different forms in each appearance. Some have argued that’s because Yoshimitsu is merely a title or even the name of the sword itself.

That would also explain why his Tekken biographies vary so much from game to game. It does less to explain why Yoshimitsu has long been embarked on a very personal feud with Bryan Fury though. And fans still can’t decide if he’s a mutant, insect, alien or something else entirely.

Much like Katana, it seems Yoshimitsu keeps everyone guessing.


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